Monday, October 8, 2012

The Long Road into Night #8

It is the 8th day, and you are not where you are supposed to be.  You––or at least a good chunk of you, should have been passing through the wolf’s lower intestine by now.  That appointment has not been kept, and someone is going to have to answer for that.  This of course could all be cleared up, if you just agreed to step back onto the road.  You however, don’t seem to want to make this or the wolf’s dietary needs, easy for us.  For that reason, we shall just leave that account open for now.  That is, if you decide to change your mind.  Though, you really haven’t been listening, have you? 

That poor soul, whose remains you fell beside, appears to have offered you some assistance.  It doesn’t even complain when you pull free its well cleaned femur.  You swing it about a few times like a club, and then use it to smash the deceased’s ribcage.  Respect for the dead seems low on your priorities, as you pick through the broken ribs for the longest, straightest pieces.  Using strips torn from your own clothing, you wrap the ends of a couple of selected shards.  They are a bit crude, but if you get the pointy end of these knives into something, pain will most certainly be felt.

Feeling somewhat prepare for what you might face next, you turn toward the wolf, still waiting by the road’s edge.  It shakes its head at you again.  One really should wonder a bit longer, about why it didn’t follow you into the woods.  You however, simply tip your head to the beast in salute, and turn.  Stepping past the skeleton, you head further into the forest.  There is a soft cackling of laughter that seems pleased with your decision.

There are only 23 more days until Halloween.

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