Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Long Road into Night #11

Day 11 and you don’t care that you’re still hanging upside down.  You don’t really seem to care about anything.  It had to be that concoction the witch kept pouring down your throat.  You have taken to pondering how it reaches your stomach, when your stomach is up now, instead of down.  Pondering though is too much like work, and you just want to sleep.  As you drift off, you think about getting more of the drink when Gilda gets back.  It really was quite good.  Also she doesn’t seem that foul anymore, and the world is a lot more amusing.  You giggle with little dignity as you pass out.

Then before long, it feels like your forehead is being repeatedly poked.

“Hey!  Wake up!” demanded the familiar little voice.  “I remember you.”

You open your eyes to see the funniest looking little man.  Well… like Gilda, he didn’t seem to be exactly a man.  Long pointy ears and chin, gave a triangular look to the balding head of this three foot tall, grey skinned creature.  It then poked you in the forehead again.

“Hic!” the little goblin called out.  “Hic…!  It’s that human we met on the road.”

“So what, Sic,” the other goblin says as he walks up.  “I didn’t like him before when he interrupted our discussion, and I won’t like him now.”

In his hand he carried one of the small vials that Gilda’s concoction had been in.  Hic’s tongue tested the lip of the bottle.  After a taste, he spit it on the ground.

“She’s been tenderizing him, Sic,” Hic stated.  “He looks ready for cooking.”

You giggle at the funny little creatures. 

“Maybe we should help him,” Sic suggested. 

Hic just looks at you appraisingly, while you return, what others will tell you later, was a very stupid smile.

“What makes you think that he needs our help?” Hic asked. 

“Hey!” Sic shouted and slapped your face to get your attention.  “Do you want our help?”

You shake your head ‘No’ with another giggle, and a never ending stupid smile.

“I think that means, yes,” Sic interpreted. 

Hic groaned.  “So what do you suggest?”

At that moment, they heard Gilda’s humming in the forest, and it was getting closer.

“We will need a distraction,” Sic stated, and considered something for a moment.  “We could get, Mongo to help.”

“He has been looking for Gilda, for a while now,” Hic chuckled.

The two little goblins nod in agreement, and head off into the forest.  You simply giggle again, amused at how they waddle on their short legs.

There are only 20 more days until Halloween.

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