Friday, October 23, 2015

Steve Jobs - Movie - 2015 - Review

What can I say about the movie, “Steve Jobs.”  Well…. Have you ever heard that old motherly expression, “If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.”  Well… my Mom… She may not have watched this movie.  That being said, my mother is a very good woman who prays for me every Sunday and six more days too.  To honor her, I’ll give the movie this…. For what little they had to work with, the talent of the actors and actresses will continue to get them more work in the future when most have forgotten about this movie.

Now, nice time is over.  Let’s say that you are given a choice between going to see this movie, or using a power drill on your own skull… Just choose the power drill.  It will be less painful

What more can I say than that?  Well… I’m guessing you’re not one to trust so easily.  So, let’s take this a bit further and be done with it.

Steve Jobs plays out on the backstage of every Apple product release show from 1984’s Mac, to somewhere beyond the iMac Gummi computer.  There is no inspirational story, only a fleeting few flashbacks to fill in the blanks of a two hour argument, with various people Steve had wronged.  The conclusion of each comes with either the witty comment by Jobs saying, “Go f*** yourself,” or “I will get you some money.”

If you go to see this movie then expect a long elevator ride with Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) listening to nothing you say, but constantly explaining why you are wrong.

I sat in that theater last night, and when it finally ended and the credits were done.  The screen turned dark and the lights came up and with a blank stare of disbelief, I said to the emptied theater, “What the frak, was that?”

You have been warned.