Saturday, January 7, 2012

What I Never Expected

What I never expected, is exactly what happened to me less than two months ago.  On November 19, 2011 at about 11am, I was sitting across the table from a man named Frank.  I was very nervous that morning, at a type of interview I had never even dreamed of doing, and it was then that Frank said something, which I was not expecting. “I like what you have written.”  I will tell you right now that I have been writing for years, mostly for my own amusement.  Rarely would I show anyone, that which I had written, because like pretty much everyone else, I was afraid that they would not like it. This half hour meeting, on that less than ordinary Saturday though, had changed that for me. 

I had gone to that meeting somewhat unprepared, because like I said, I had never done anything like this before.  Then the meeting did not go, as I’d expected.  In my head I had thought it through many times, and it really was supposed to go like this.  I would walk in, hoping not to trip, say here is my book, smile, say something good about it, try not to swallow my tongue, breathe, finish whatever I was going to say, and get a nice pat on the head with a ‘Nice Try’ response.  Then I would be sent on my way, to go back to my little cave, and continue writing for my own amusement.  What I did not expect, was the exact opposite.

I went into that meeting trying to think of some way to pitch my book to Frank.  Shortly after I sat down however, I found out I didn’t have to.  He had read the first chapter I had sent him before hand, and he liked it.  What he said next, really through me off.  He said I did not need to pitch the book to him.  He was sold before I had even sat down.  We talked for the next half hour about marketing, and on Tuesday I sent him the rest of the book.  Kings and Dragons: Light in the Darkness, my first book, will be released in late summer, around September of 2012.  This was my hobby for so many years, and now I do not know what exactly it is, but it is definitely not what I expected.  If someone can tell me what it is, then please let me know.

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