Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Long Road into Night #27

It has been 27 days since you first stepped onto the dark road.  What you were before has been all but forgotten, and only a single memory of blood remained.  Your hands… your paws where coated with it.  It was a remnant of your first hunt, and your first kill in this world.  It marked you, and in the moment that followed, you were reborn.  You became the Hunter, and no prey would ever escape you.

All of that was so clear to you, and yet one would have to wonder.  Why were you still pursuing the little goblin, instead of already feasting on its greasy flesh?  With such short legs and awkward gate, how could he still be outrunning you?  Your stride was longer, your turns sharper, and the scent that filled your nose, prevented him from hiding.  So why wasn’t he pinned to the ground, begging to be more than your next meal?

“Maybe you don’t want to catch him,” that odd voice whispered in your ear again.

That was ridiculous, you thought in return.  You were the Hunter.  He was the prey.  His life was destined to end between your biting teeth.

“He helped you once,” the voice admonished.  “Is this how you would repay him?”

A growl rumbled in your throat.  Your paws dig deep into the soft ground, as you hastened your speed.  This was not a time for chatter with nonexistent voices.  This was a time for dinner.

You start to close the distance, and the goblin glanced back over its shoulder.

Was he smiling at you?

Then a tree fell across your path, as something big to your left charged into view.  You see the troll for only a moment, before its massive hand smacked you into the ground.

There are only 4 more days until Halloween.

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  1. bet the goblin led him to the troll on purpose, a last resort maybe; to keep from being eaten...4 more days...this won't be the end.