Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Long Road into Night #6

We have reached the 6th day.  That troublesome thing called life may not be a concern for you much longer.  The dark road passes quickly beneath your feet, as your heart races, and you urge your legs to move even faster. 
You heard the howl, right before you glimpsed the massive beast stepping onto the road.  The monster’s pelt was darker than the night, and its huge padded paws fell like thunder upon road, as it came for you.  The wolf’s panting breath fogged in the cool air, and its long teeth gleamed in the moonlight.  In its eyes was a reflection of only you.

How far have you run now?  You can still hear it behind you.  The wolf’s hot breath is right on your neck.  Its teeth will soon be tearing into your flesh.  The long straight road narrows, as the surrounding forest closes in.  How far can you run?  You know you are out of options.  You will never outrun it.  So instead, you do something that was not expected.  You step off the road, and head into the forest.  Then again, maybe this was expected.  On the wind, there is a soft cackle of laughter.

There are only 25 more days until Halloween.

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  1. confrontation is in opposition to time but yeh it draws nearer