Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Long Road into Night #24

It is the 24th day on the dark road, and you are not dead. 

After a moment, you think about how odd that thought was.  Of course you weren’t dead.   On the contrary, you were very much alive.  How could you be anything else?

Your heart pounded like a drum.  The blood rushed through your veins.  Your padded feet thumped the ground with each step.  The night wind blew through your fur, as you raced the length of the road, on legs that never tired. 

Finally you skid to a halt, as the pale moon slides from behind the clouds.  Its light is like water on a dry tongue.  Your lungs fill with the night air, and from your throat, you let loose a howl that carried on the wind.  You feel at one with this world.  The road, the forest, the night itself is your domain. 

Then the nose at the end of your long snout, twitched.

What was that? 

You smelled something.  The night air was so full of wondrous scents, but this one was different… familiar even.  You sniff the air once more.  It was almost like you could taste it on your tongue, and it made your mouth water.

What could it be?

You have to savor this for a bit, but soon, it instantly became clear.

The taste...  The smell...  It was fear.  You could smell your prey’s fear. 

This amazed you to no end, and so delightful, you couldn't help but smile.  You show little restraint after that, and you howl your charge.  It was time for the long night’s hunt, to begin anew.

There are only 7 more days until Halloween.

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