Monday, October 22, 2012

The Long Road into Night #22

On the 22nd day, you realize that you are running out of time.  This place has almost taken everything from you.  It all started with that one thing, whatever that thing was.  Now you feel empty, like there’s barely anything left of you now.

You have to keep moving.

The road….

You have to get to the end of the road.

“Are you sure you don’t want to rest,” grunted a little voice.

You look down at the young girl with the glowing eyes.  You find that you are leaning heavily on her shoulders, as she helps you along.

Her name is…Ellie.  Ellie… you say it again in your head.  You have to remember her.  Her name is the last of your memories.  You have to hang on to at least that.  It was something.

You shake your head, and gave her a weak smile.  To prove to Ellie that you can go on, you shift your weight from her shoulders, to your own legs.  Ellie seems to accept this with a little skepticism.  It was earned, for when you take your next step, you nearly fall on her.

“The fool was warned and he did not listen,” booming deep voice echoed in your ears.

Ellie squeaked in fear.

You look up.  A tall figure, in a long black hooded cloak, stood in the road before you.

“The One,” Ellie said in a hushed tone.

The ‘One’…?  Then you remember again, that something was taken from you.

“You have cost me something,” the ‘One’ stated.  “Now accounts must be settled.”

There are only 9 more days until Halloween.
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  1. ah the One has come demanding a settling of accounts...he sure is presumptious