Friday, October 26, 2012

The Long Road into Night #26

On the 26th day traveling the dark road, you’ve already forgotten the 25th.  It’s almost like it never happened.  Then again, maybe some things should be forgotten.  The trivial thoughts of lost days quickly pass from your mind, for your focus had turned to more important things, like the hunt.

“That is not why you are here,” a distant voice whispered in your ear.

You ignore it, and focus on the scent that your nose has caught.  That delicious smell drives you on.  Hints of it are on every tree, every fallen leaf, and every broken twig.  Such an easy trail, left for you.  It’s almost like he wasn’t even trying.

They always believed that they could run.  That was a good thing.  When prey had hope, it made the chase that much more exhilarating.  At times, it was almost as delightful as the kill itself.  

That was how the game was played. 

Eventually, you would run them into the ground, but not until you tore every last shred of hope from them.  Then you would do the same with their flesh. 

Your ears perk when somewhere ahead, a twig snapped.  A wicked smile curls along your snout.  You howl into the night, and you sense another layer of hope being stripped away.

This is what you lived for.  This was your purpose.

“No it isn’t,” the voice whispered.  “Do you not remember who you are?”

Your smile turned into a growl of annoyance.  It was time to finish this.

“Do you not remember why you are here?” The voice asked.

You’ve had enough of this, and steeled your thoughts toward your purpose.

You tear off into the woods, pursuing the noise you heard.  Soon you see him.  His clothes tattered, and glowing eyes that lock with yours.  It was one of the Meek.  It was dinner.

Lips part and teeth are bared.  Your mouth opened as you lunged.  This was so easy. 

The world went dark for a moment, as pain exploded the side of your head.  You land short of your prey, and the world is spinning.

“Get away from him, Fur Face,” a scratchy high pitched voice called out.

You turn as your vision began to clear.  There was a small, grey skinned creature standing a little ways off.  It had a triangular face, with pointy ears and chin… a goblin.  You sneered at it, and it oddly winked in return.  He held a small stone like the one that just hit you.

In your distraction the Meek managed to get away.   No matter really… you had new meal.

The goblin threw the rock at you, as he turned and ran. 

You ducked the rock and gave chase.  Goblins were a little greasy, but still a good eat. 

The game continued.

There are only 5 more days until Halloween.
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