Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Long Road into Night #17

On the 17th day, they watch you.  The countless glowing eyes peek out from the dark forest veil.  Aside from a few blinks, there is no movement among them.  In your head you count the seconds, as you weigh your options.  Whoever they were, whatever they were…They were everywhere along both sides of the road, and in each direction.  

What you did know, was that there were too many of them.  It was in that moment, when a memory oddly scratched the back of your mind.  It made the suggestion that you’ve been in worst situations before.  Two specific things made this memory odd.  One, that it was about sitting across a table from someone called the Russian.  You were simply playing a card game with him, which did not seem worse than this.  Second, was that it was a memory at all. 

Since you’ve been on this road, it has been like your memories have been on a shelf, just out of your reach.  You didn’t even know your own name.  There was but one thing you knew for certain, in this godforsaken place.  You had to get to the end of the road.  You had to find that thing, which had been taken from you.

“And what would that be?” the voice of a young girl asked.

You turn and see her standing there on the road.  She was just a child really, who stared at you with unnatural glowing eyes.  Then the others started to step forward from the shadows.  They were all just people, or the closest thing he had found to people since getting here.  Each wore grayish clothing that had seen too much wear.  Their skin was pale, no doubt from the lack of sun in this place.  Also like the girl.  Each of their eyes glowed.  It was more than just reflected moonlight. 

The people with the glowing eyes look between you and the dead wolf, but you saw no malice in them toward you.

“So what is it that you seek?” the girl asked again.

Her eyes locked with yours.  They almost seemed to stare right through you.  For some reason you find yourself wanting to answer her.  Your mind grasped for the memory that was just out of reach.

“Oh,” she said.  Her face turned sad.  “I understand.  You have a purpose here.”

Your mouth opened with a question, but you are silenced by a banshee like scream.

There are only 14 more days until Halloween.

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