Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Long Road into Night #30

On the 30th day, it is like your mind has been set on fire.  Memories and thoughts slowly claw their way back in.  You realize that you have been lost, from the very moment you set foot in this world.  This place was not where you belonged.  It was however, where you needed to be.

The darkness that had surrounded was broken.  It shied away from you, and fled the beacon of light that appeared before you.  Hands that seemed to hold you back were suddenly released.  Though still plagued by the feelings of being drained and exhausted, you now stagger toward the light.

The goblins have released you.  Your bindings snapped as you twisted and thrashed about on the ground.  Something was wrong.  Something was right.  Things beneath your skin that should not move began to do so.  In your ears you heard the snapping bones.  The sound of each break reverberated through your body.  The flesh of your back began to tear. 

You writhed in agony.  You screamed.  You howled.  The night echoed every moment of pain, as your soul was torn in two. 

At least it happened quicker this time.  Also no one here was savoring your pain.  When it finally ended, you stood.  Once again, you were human, and the body of the wolf fell to the ground like an old suit.  Then disturbingly, it began to move.  You quickly stepped away from the mass of black fur.

Right before you, the flesh of the beast stood on its own, and began to mend.  Soon its shape returned, as new bones and meat slid into place.  You simply watched as the wolf was suddenly reborn, from the skin you had just cast off.  Somehow this seemed right to you.  The long night needed its hunter.

In only a few moments, the wolf once more stood in front of you, but this time you did not run.  It looked from you to the others.  You shake your head.  It understands and nods in return.  Then the wolf turned from you and headed off into the woods.  It was gone.

“That was unexpected,” the young girl with the glowing eyes said.  She had walked up beside you.  “Are we feeling better?”

You look at her, as if for the first time.

“Ellie?” you asked in disbelief.

She smiled, and nodded.

“Eleanor Casteel… is that really you?”  You can’t keep the shock from your voice.  “You look so…”

“Young… beautiful… Somewhat more alive than the last time you saw me?” Ellie mocked.  “The second, I have always been, the first though has been awhile.  This world is funny that way.  The last of course as you know, was more recent.”

“Ellie… I’m…” you begin but she cuts you off.

“Sorry, is the word I believe you’re looking for,” she grimaced, and then sighed.  “Don’t be.  If you hadn’t shot first, then I would have.”  Her glowing eye bore into you.  “My gun was already drawn beneath the table.”

That did not make you feel any better, and she must have seen that.

“Nikolai wasn’t going to let us both, walk out of that room.  You knew that,” Ellie stated.  “Actually, I don’t think either of us was supposed to.”

You nod.

“The Russian always did hate to lose,” you replied, taking a long breath, and added, “At least he didn’t leave that room.”

“Good to know.  Now the real question, which you haven’t answered, or at least I haven’t asked,” Ellie started in that by-the-way tone, which you remembered you liked about her.  “What are you doing here?  Anyone can see that you don’t belong here, at least not yet.”  She tapped the side of her glowing eye. 

“I lost something,” you replied.

“I can see that,” Ellie said.  A sly smile crossed her lips, as she slowly looked you up and down.

“You might want to cover yourself,” the goblin, Sic said.  “A little modesty is still appreciated, even in this world.”

Then he shoved some clothes into your hands.

“Humans have no shame,” Hic, the other goblin huffed.  Both turned toward the giant troll Mongo, who no longer paid attention to any of them.

Quickly you dressed and Ellie never looked away, and that smile never left her lips.

“So now what…?” Ellie asked.  “Home for you I would hope.  I will say it again.  You don’t belong here.”

You look at her for a moment, considering a lie.  That would never work though.  This girl… woman, always could tell when you were lying.

“I have to reach the end of the road,” you flatly said.

“Again…Why…?”  Ellie shot back, not bothering to hide her anger. 

Your mouth opened and closed with a sigh.

“I told you.  I lost something,” you responded, “I also had to call in a lot of favors, and cut more deals than I should have, to get here.  I can’t just turn back.”

 “In that case, I am going with you,” she stated, and nodded to your left.  “The road is that way.”

 In just 1 day, it will be Halloween.

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  1. i liked that he was able to shed the wolf and it became a separate entity; makes sense.