Friday, October 12, 2012

The Long Road into Night #12

On Day 12, you watch as the witch, Gelda sharpens a carving knife and you think, ‘Shiny’.  She had given you some more of that lovely concoction.  You smile at her and she smiles back.  Really, once you got past the green melting skin and those red eyes, she really wasn’t such a bad person, and she even talked about making you dinner.

It was then that someone started poking the side of your head again. 

You turn to see Sic, or it could be Hic.  That was a problem with goblins.  They all looked the same to you.  Telling the difference between male from female goblins was equally troubling.  You had learned from your last encounter, that it was easiest to just address them as, ‘Hey you’.  This one though did seem to have a friendly disposition about him.  It had to be Sic, but it was always better to be safe, rather than sorry.

“Hey you,” your slurred tongue whispered.  You believe you had whispered, but the goblin’s hand still slapped down over your mouth.

“Shhhh,” The goblin hushed you.  “Tenderized humans always speak too much,” Sic really whispered. 

Sic glanced over to Gelda, but the witch hadn’t noticed them.  Sic let out a low sigh of relief.

“Things are about to happen,” Sic said cautiously into your ear.  “Be ready to run.  Do you understand?”

You shake your head ‘No’, and hiccupped. 

“Good and yes, Hic is coming,” Sic replied.

There is a crash in the woods, but all you’re thinking about is the last bit of potion, that Gelda had given you.  You wonder if you will get anymore.  Gelda heard that crash too, and had spun in its direction as she stood.

“How did he find me?” Gelda hissed.

Something very large burst from the tree line, and it had literally knocked the trees from its path.  Its gnarled massive body seemed to be covered in dirt, and small trees and plants grew over its entirety.  High on its back, you spot the other little goblin.

“Hey Gelda,” Hic called.  “Mongo says he’s missed you!”

Mongo roared upon seeing Gelda.  It was a horrible sound like rocks grating together.  Gelda screamed horror, and ran as the giant monster, Mongo, pursued.

 “It is time to go,” Sic said, and didn’t bother whisper.

A moment later the ground was rushing up to meet you.  Sic had cut the rope you dangled from.  Pain shot through you upon landing, but it did help clear your mind of the effects from Gelda’s potion.  Sic was immediately standing over you.  He slaps into your hand the last knife, that you had made a while back from that poor soul’s rib.

“You need to go now.  Those two used to date and trust me… We don’t want to be around while they get reacquainted,” Sic warned.  “She didn’t always look like that, and neither did he.  He sort of blames her for the whole… being turned into a troll thing."

“Now, run,” the little goblin pointed in a direction and you obeyed.

There are only 19 more days until Halloween.

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  1. Free from that dang rope, and dag-blame Gelda; hope she gets her just reward; funny how the goblins end up helping out...and Mongo's much closer too.