Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Long Road into Night #14

On day 14, this one finally understands who you are.  This long road has seen the death of so many, and yet you survive.  There can be only one of two explanations for this.  Either you are extremely lucky, or some divine purpose has brought you here, and drives you on.

Luck always runs out, and purpose is for fools.

So what purpose could lie at the end of your road?

What has brought you here?

Ah… you have lost something.

Is that it?

That would be interesting.  The only things that someone would find here are that, which this one has taken.

That is it… You hope to take something back from this one?

Then this one is truly sorry, but that just can’t be allowed.

You will not see the end of this road.

Your time is at an end.

My friend must kill you now.

The wolf’s breath is warm, and it mouth widens to strike.

Goodbye traveler.

There are only 17 more days until Halloween.
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  1. talk it out...what else can be done; fight it and die