Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Long Road into Night #7

On the 7th day one would assume that there would be rest.  If this is your belief, then by all means, feel free to rest, while the wolf eats you.  It is good then, that you have decided against rest at this time.  This was of course one of your better choices in life.  However, leaving the road was probably more toward the other end of that scale.
You stumble through the forest which is darker than even the road was.  At least on the road you didn’t have to worry about hitting your head on a tree limb, which you just did.  That’s going to leave a dreadful mark, but so will the wolf’s teeth, so hurry on.  Then again, falling flat on your face is another option.  Your inability to see in the dark is really slowing things down.
One must ask, “How is it, that you aren’t dead yet?”  Well at least you’re doing better than that poor chap.
Lifting your face from the mud, the pale moonlight allows you notice the human skull.  Partially covered in leaves, you see the whole of the skeleton laying right next to where you fell.  Next you realize you might be joining whoever that was.  You roll, looking back the way you came.  The wolf had not struck.  It hadn’t even followed you into the forest.  Though in your stumbling, you really didn’t get very far in the first place.  The beast was just standing there at the road’s edge.  It seemed to be smiling at you.  The wolf shakes its head, and sits down to wait.
There are only 24 more days until Halloween.

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  1. oh somebody didn't make it, but its fate may or may not be due to the wolf