Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Long Road into Night #23

On the 23rd day, you learned about pain.  You could have avoided this unfortunate outcome.  This one gave you every chance, and showed you more than enough patience.

“You have taken something from this world,” the One said to you.  “The balance must be restored.”

Under your left arm, Ellie struggled to support your weight.  She was frightened.  You could feel her shiver. 

“Please,” she whispered in your ear.  “We must run.”

Something inside of you wished that you could, but in reality, it was Ellie’s own strength that was even keeping you standing.  Even so… this guy didn’t look so tough.  Sure, the black hooded robe looked somewhat intimidating at first, but were you really going to run from some guy in basically a bathrobe.

Then after a second hazy look you wonder, “Is that a scythe?”

“Your time is up,” the One flatly stated.  His arm raised an arm, extending a long bony finger toward you.  Honestly, it did look like bone.


Your chest exploded in pain, and you cried out. 

“No!” Ellie screamed.  She tried to get you moving toward the forest, but you didn’t make it.

‘Pop’  ‘Pop’ ‘Pop’

More pain stabbed your chest and you fall forward.  Ellie can no longer hold on.


You hit the ground.  It feels like something jagged is digging through your insides.

‘Pop’ ‘Pop’

How many ribs was that now?  You know somewhere along the way that you’d lost count.

“Don’t worry, only two more now,” the One said.  ‘Pop’ ‘Pop’

You can hear someone crying.  That is, you hear someone other than yourself, crying.  You open your eyes, and look up at a sad little girl with glowing eyes.  You want to say something, but her name has oddly slipped from your mind.  The One sees her too.

“You should run along little Meek,” the One suggested in a snide tone.  “What happens next… will not be pleasant.”

The girl looked down into your eyes.  Her own seemed full of regret.

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed, and bolted for the tree line.

She can still hear your screams, right as your legs start to bend forward––at the knees.

Long into the night, every bone in your body is shattered, and slowly reshaped.  Your fingernails extend into points, as do your teeth.  Your clothing is shredded in the change, but you are given a coat of fur, though modesty no longer concerned you.

It is on this fixed point of fate that you finally die.

There are only 8 more days until Halloween.

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