Monday, October 15, 2012

The Long Road into Night #15

It is day 15, and a roar of anger cries out over the wind.  The One’s hate for you burns through the night air.  You can taste the bile in every breath you continue to take.  It felt like his hands were already upon you.  They tightened and strangled. 

He was not really there though.  Having come so far, you shake off his presence, and refuse to surrender to such illusions.  Looking down at your bloodied hands, you couldn’t help but smile.  You had beaten his favorite of minions.

The wolf had been standing right over you.  It breath was stealing your own.  The witch’s potion made you feel slow.  The jaws of the beast were opening.  If they closed, you would not make it to the end of the road.  You would not find what you were looking for.  This would have been all for naught.

Your eyes then close, but not in despair.  Your lungs now fill with air, taking back your stolen breath.  The cloud in your mind is forced aside, and you focus on one thing and only one thing… a little goblin named Sic.

The fingers of your right hand close around the hilt of a knife.  It was one of two that you had crafted from the remains of some poor soul. 

The wolf’s teeth descended upon your neck, as the crude blade plunged into its own.  The beast’s jaw never closed, as it shuddered in pain.  You twist the knife deeper, buckling the wolf’s legs.  The beast’s eyes become glassy as the light fades from them.  A low gurgled howl, from deep within its throat, was the last sound it made.

Still exhausted, you shove the beast away from you.  Then for the first time in this dark place, you laugh. 

That was when the One, roared in anger.

There are only 16 more days until Halloween.

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