Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Long Road into Night #18

It is the 18th day, and here we go again.  The screams were getting closer.  The strange people with the tattered clothes and glowing eyes scattered, disappearing into the forest.  You listen and turn in the direction from which the screams are coming.  Then you hear an oddly familiar roar, along with something else.

A moment later you see the foul witch Gelda, running across the dark road.  A continuous howl reverberated from her throat as she ran.  That was understandable, when crashing through the trees behind her, the giant troll Mongo, raged into view.  Also behind him, giving chase was something much smaller.

“Jump you idiot,” the goblin Sic cried out.  He sees you, and gives a quick salute as he runs on.

“Yeehaaa!” Hic yelled.  The other goblin was still clinging to Mongo’s back.  “Faster Mongo, she’s getting away!”

“Mongo is no longer Gelda’s pawn!  Mongo smash!” the troll yelled.

The trio chased the witch back into the forest and as quickly as they had appeared, they were gone again.

You sighed in a moment of relief, but then notice that you are not alone.

The young girl who had questioned you was still standing there on the road.  She did not flee with the rest of her people.  She hadn’t even moved during the commotion.  She just stared at you with those unnatural glowing eyes, and then she glanced down at the dead wolf.

“Did you do that?” she asked, looking back to you, with a tilt of her head in the direction of the wolf.  “Did you kill the hunter?”

You nod with some hesitation.

Her eyes narrow and slowly she nodded in return, as if considering something.  Then she spun and kicked the dead wolf in the side.

“Good,” she stated.  “How else do you plan to make the ‘One’ angry?”

There are only 13 more days until Halloween.

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  1. the One is a troll...hum,thought that was the wolf...but Mongo is still to get his comeuppance