Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Long Road into Night #13

It is day 13.  You are Free from the witch, though you consider going back for more of that potion.  Don’t do that.  Enough of its effects are still weighing heavily on your brain.  Just do as the little goblin told you and keep going. 

No, you are not lost. 

Just keep going straight.  No lefts and no rights. 

You then see something ahead, or rather an absence of something.  There is still only a pale moon in the sky, but escaping the forest and running back out onto the road, is like stepping into the noonday sun.

Still light headed from the witch’s potion, and tire.  Your legs simply collapse beneath you.  In the middle of the dark road, you just lay there.  For a moment there is peace, but only for a moment.

There is a low growl in your ear, and feel the warm breath upon your face.

You open your eyes, and one thought crosses your clouded mind.

“My… what big teeth you have grandma.”

There are only 18 more days until Halloween.
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