Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Long Road into Night #20

It is the 20th day, and you can’t help but wonder.  What happened to the 19th?  While you try to figure that out, the dumb look on your face, tells the young girl with the glowing eyes, everything that she needs to know. 

“I don’t believe that you belong here,” the young girl stated.

She smiled at your puzzled look.

“I’m not a fool,” she said with mild amusement.  Then she held up her ghostly-white skinned arm, and waved her other hand up and down it, as if to say, ‘see’.  Then she taps a finger to her left temple, right beside her glowing eye. 

“There is too much life in you, to be any average traveler of this road,” she smirked.  Her look then turned serious.  “You are not like me or the other Meek.  That’s what they call us here, if you were by chance curious.  The ‘One’ and his hunter, the wolf, make sport of us.”  She glanced back to the wolf.  “You are the first he has hunted, and has not got,” she said in a distant voice, with a hint of being mildly impressed. 

After a silent moment her smirk returned.  “By the way… my name is Eleanor Wright, if you were also wondering that.  Most call me Ellie.”  Then Ellie, takes a few appraising steps toward you.  “What is your name?” she asked.

Your mouth opened and then closed, for the question puzzled you.  It seemed that way with all questions here.  The memories were still kept just out of your reach, and it was becoming more frustrating, knowing that they had to be there.

“You don’t know… do you?” Ellie cautiously asked.

You shake your head.

“I expected as much, from someone who does not belong,” She stated.  “But you do know your purpose, or at least a bit of it?”

This time you nod with a slight shrug, and point down the dark road.

“That is not an easy path,” Ellie grimaced.  “Take it from someone who has been here a while.”

She sees the determination on you face and sighed.

“Oh well… Let it not be said, that I didn’t try to warn you,” she conceded.  “May I at least walk with you a while…?”

You want to say ‘no’, but you find yourself waving her forward, as you turn and start to walk.  She cheerfully jots forward beside you.  Ellie looks up at you and smiles, and you grudgingly force one in return.

Really, what’s one more annoyance?  You have no memory, you’re suddenly very hungry, your hands have now started itching for some reason, and you have a somewhat perky individual to keep you company. 

To top it off, you still have no idea what happened to the 19th. 

There are only 11 more days until Halloween.
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  1. and the journey continues, only a little wiser, but not alone anymore