Monday, April 15, 2013

A Story Teller

and nothing more.

There are a countless number of stories in this world.  Many of these, you will find written in the great and small books, of old and new.  Others are simply notes on a scrap of paper, heading for rubbish bin.  Then there are stories of the moment, being passed in conversation. Their telling is left floating on the wind, for whichever ear dares to catch them.  Some you may have heard.  Some you may have lived.  How many can you count as your own?  Do you remember how full of stories, the lives of your parents and grandparents were?  How many of you listened as they were told?  How many have you forgotten?  What I would not give, to once again hear in their voice, the stories my grandparents told.   I am ashamed to admit, that I did not listen as well as I should have.   I was young, and wrapped foolishly in my affairs of self importance.  Now, to look back on every wasted moment, and each is dearly missed.

That is why we tell stories, and why stories need to be remembered.  A piece of a person can live on in their stories.  I have a great love for stories, and a love of telling them even more.  As a simple purveyor of words, that is all I wish to do.  I want to place pen to paper, and scribble my words, from line to line, to have one word flow word to the next, and shaping my thoughts into the song of a story.  In the melody of words, my worlds will be created, shaped as only I before have seen.  Characters of all types shall be given life.  Some will be good, the most interesting are always bad, and some not much of either.  You will cheer for their victories, and weep for their losses, or vice versa. 

Certainly these are not the tales my grandparents told, or even dreamed of.  Still, I know they would appreciate their telling.  They are good stories and I claim no ego in saying so.  Honestly speaking, I am no master of this craft called writing, nor do I possess the spirit of an artist.  As I have implied before.  I am but a story teller.  I am here to entertain with wit and word.  My stories may not rival those in the great books, or even the small ones, but they will be exactly what they are.  They are for your enjoyment, and I wish to share them.  Now if you want, please visit my world, and I will spin you a tale of many others. 

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