Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On the 4th , Serious, Fun, and Serious

The year was 1776.  The war had already started.  Many brave colonists had met their end, fighting against an enemy that had never lost.  On July 4th of that year, our nation’s forefathers brought forth a document that would change the future forever.  It was a mere sheet of paper, but the words upon it would forever haunt a king.  Even though the document would not be signed by all for many months, it is on this day, we pay homage to our greatest Declaration, and the birth of our nation.  May it stand forever.


For the rest of you, who thought the above, was too serious for a blog.  Let us fast forward two hundred and thirty six years.  (Check the math. It might be off)  For the sacrifice, our forefathers made for us.  Tomorrow…. We all have the opportunity to go forth and blow stuff up!  You know I’m talking about FIREWORKS!!  Those beautiful little things with the little wicks, that go ‘POP’, ‘POW’, and shower the night with beautiful lights.  If you don’t like the pop and pow, then you can always stand off to the side with a nice quiet, boring, little sparkler.  No matter which you like.  I hope everyone goes out tomorrow and has fun.  Be careful and be safe.  Also an M-80 tied to any G.I. Joe is perfectly acceptable.

WARNING SECTION:  Yes… Fireworks are toys, but they are also very dangerous.  Sure it might look cool to light an M-80 and then throw it, or shoot it from a slingshot.  However if you hang on to it for a half second to long, it will be your FINGERS that shoot off.  Not very cool then….  Also when you’re sitting in one of those comfortable cradle-type chairs, you know the ones that you always seem to have trouble getting out of.  I really don’t think you should be throwing the M-80s, or doing it while sitting.  Let’s say you are sitting in said chair and go to throw the little M-80.  Instead however, you drop it into your chair, the one you can’t quickly get out of.  A second or more later, something might go flying through the air, and you will wish it had been your finger.  Note:  None of this last paragragh is funny.  Be safe.  Have fun.  Don't do anything stupid.

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