Thursday, August 28, 2014

Door in the Woods

By Michael L. Turner 

Every day, I walked those woods.  From here to there, and back again, but never the same way twice.  Then one day, when I was less than halfway between here and there, I chanced upon a door.  Such an ordinary thing it might have been, and this might have been just an ordinary place for such a thing to be, but standing part way open, it was a calling to any curious soul that happened by.  At its threshold I stood, staring at the darkness beyond.  I leaned left, and I leaned right, but the light of day did not stretch far.  Into my pocket I reached and my last night candle I found, but only a single match for a single light.  Caution urged me on, but curiosity asked me to stay.  I looked upward at a sun, tilting toward evening.  I was only halfway there, and still far from back again, but I never traveled the same way twice.  The match was struck, the candle lit, and through the door I stepped. 

Art by wyldraven

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