Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Rules #2: by Michael L. Turner

The old fears are always with us.  They were there at the beginning, and they will follow us to the end.  You know what I am speaking of.   I see it in your eyes, and you see it too whenever you look in the mirror.  You have hidden the memories well as you’ve aged, but a younger part of you remembers.  Thoughts that have been ignored for too long are now screaming to be heard. 
You know what you saw.  It was the shadows that hid in the corners of your room, that noise under the bed, the persistent tap at the window, and that thing in your closest.  In these places they waited, they listened, and they watched.  You were right to fear them, but then came the lie with its warm caring smile.

“There is nothing there.  You only imagined it,” both your parents said.  “Go back to bed.  It was just a bad dream.”

How many have been blinded by such comforting words, and were they truly comforting?  Those dismissive words echo in the dark places.  The intrusion by those who dwell in the shadows has been pardoned.  The child is sent back to bed.  The young one will repeat the lie to them self, and tries to forget.  The watchers and listeners are pleased.  They won’t be rushed, and their time can now be taken.

Rule #2 – A lie cannot hide you from the truth.  The fear is real.

Now they are coming for you, and you are not prepared to meet them.

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