Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Day to Play

King's Island Amusement Park

Had a day off.  

            Felt like a kid again.

                            So much to see.

                                            So much to do.

 Did this.

The twin Racers are still one of my favorite rides.  First time I rode them many years ago, I was curled up in a ball on the floor of the car for most of the ride.

Next, we tried something a little slower.

All I can say.... They're still better than a Prius.

                                            It didn't stay that slow for long.

It actually got slower.  Waited in line for an hour, and then this ride broke down.  It used to be "The Outer Limit", but Paramount sold the park and now it's called.... Who cares.  It broke down and we wasted an hour.

Got moving again.

 Something a little faster.
This truly is my favorite ride.
 There was a kid in line behind me.  He asked if I had ever ridden this one. 
I said, "Yeah, a few times."
"What's it like?" he asked.
I smiled, and said, "Kid... It's the smoothest ride in the park."
Mine of course is an evil laugh, which I did all through the ride.  After the ride I heard this little voice behind me.

"That wasn't smooth at all!"

Now to be perfectly clear.  I never said it was a smooth ride.  I said it was the smoothest ride in the park.  Hehehe.  Six loops, including a corkscrew horizontal spin.  It is pure fun.

                               Then we moved onto something that was a lot faster.....

                                                                                               and bigger....  a lot bigger.

 This is Diamond Back.....

 I went up there....  Yippee.
I would like to say that I was the picture of calm, but unfortunately...  I have witnesses that will testify to the contrary.

(sigh) ..................................

Okay...... I screamed like a little school girl.

Are you happy?

Well we went on to do other things after that.

 Got a little wet.

By a little, I mean that there was no dry spot on me.

                                                          We went up there too.

                                                         You see everything.

Then we did it all over again.

It was a fun day to be a kid again, but like all good things.....

                                                 It had to end.

That is until next year.

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