Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Tale of Two Kings

On a field of lies and truths, the two men stood.  Two kings, who for reasons equal and unequal, have come to this place.  For years they had long sparred with only words.  Now with hearts filled with anger, sadness, and betrayal, they would do so with steel.  This would be their end, but to start a story, one must do so at the beginning.

(Some time ago)

In the court of their fathers, the two men stood.  The Prince of Days watched his rival with careful eyes.  The Prince of Nights only smiled in return. 

Oh... He was going to be trouble.

“I saw her first, Roderic,” the Prince of Nights stated.

“Once again you are mistaken, Zareth,” Roderic responded sharply.  “You only saw that beauty after I pointed her out for you.”

“Pointing is not a legal claim, in this kingdom or any other,” Zareth retorted.  “Besides… She’s too good for you.”

“Too good for the Prince of Days?”  Roderic straightened his stance for the slight.  “My title stands me equal to yours.”

“Equal titles do not make for equal men, my friend,” Zareth jabbed at him again.  He then turned, flashing Roderic another smile, and made his way across the ballroom toward the prize.

Roderic however was not about to concede so easily.  Though Zareth had made the first move, he was far from winning.  
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  1. I'm totally intrigued! Can't wait to see what happens next!

    1. I'm also curious about what happens next. Going to make this a weekly thing and release a bit each Wed. at midnight. I guess that would actually be Thurs.