Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome Beth Ann Masarik


Hello everyone, and thank you for having me on your blog today, Michael!  It’s a pleasure to be here.  I am here to talk to you all about my upcoming releases in The World Among Us series.  I have five titles scheduled to come out early 2013, but it’s never too early to start talking about your stuff, right?
For those of you who don’t know, I released the title The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness back in 2011 with Otherworld Publications.  However, back in June I received the devastating news that they were closing at the end of this year.  Now, I had the option to stay with them through the end of the year, but considering I found out that there were a lot of mistakes that were missed after my book was released, I decided to pull my book from the market and use this time to re-edit and re-write it.  The new, updated Prince of Darkness will be even better than the version that was released with Otherworld.
At the end of June, I signed with Hydra Publications, who has offered me contracts for not only Prince of Darkness, but for four short stories as well, two of which were also previously released with Otherworld Publications.  All stories that have been previously released, are going to be re-edited and revised before they are re-released J.
Here is a little bit about The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness:
Hades is hell-bent on taking over the world, but in order to do so, he has to remove his nemesis, Gaia from power.  But one thing stands in the way, however, and she goes by the name of Selene.
Cue Damien, son of Hades and Persephone. He happens to be in love with Selene, and will stop at nothing to make sure that she is safe even though their love is forbidden.  Furious with his son's treachery, Hades tricks Damien into killing the only woman that he has ever loved.  He does so by telling Damien that he will spend the rest of his eternal life in the Fields of Asphodel if he does not prove his loyalty.  Torn between his un-beating heart and his family, Damien does the only thing a true demon prince knows how:  killing those closest to him.
Will Damien follow through with his father's evil scheme?  Or will he be banished to the Fields of Asphodel for his treachery?
I hope you guys will follow me and the re-productions of this book.  To follow me, you can visit the following sites:
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  1. Great post, Beth! Love the new blurb! Thanks for having her on today, Michael! :)

  2. Thanks for having me today, Michael! Thanks Erin, the blurb is still a work in progress, but I think it makes the book much more appealing than the original one, don't ya think?

    1. It was good to have you here Beth. Remember to come back and visit Erin and Lyndi later this week.